Lipstick is a kind of lip cosmetic

Source:Publication time:2019-01-18

Lipstick is a kind of lip cosmetic. Its main function is to give the lips a color tone, emphasizing or changing the contours of the lips, showing more vitality and vitality.

As early as 3500 BC, humans began to use some colored minerals and plant pigments on the cheeks and lips to achieve the purpose of beauty. With the development of beauty cosmetics, the color tone, formula and function of lipstick have changed a lot.

Lipstick shades are closely related to women's hairstyles, nail polish tones and clothing changes, and become more trendy. In particular, in recent years, the use of various pearl powders and treated pigments has made the color of the lipstick more diverse and the texture more comfortable. Similar to the development trend of other beauty cosmetics, it continues to maintain beauty, taking care of moisturizing, nourishing and sunscreen functions.

The development of lipstick formulations, raw materials and processes is driving the development of lipstick industry

Lipstick is a kind of cosmetic product for lips. Lipsticks include lipsticks, lip sticks, lip glosses, lip glazes, etc., which can make the lips rosy and lustrous, moisturizing and protecting the lips; lipstick can increase the facial beauty and correct the lip contours, making the lips more energetic and energetic.