Lipstick, lip glaze, lip gloss, 4 kinds of lipstick can not be distinguished, how to paint

Source:Publication time:2019-01-18

Now I don’t want to make up, and I don’t want to make up the makeup. I will apply a layer of lipstick before going out, but the lipstick is a general term. Its classification can be roughly divided into lipstick, lip, glaze, lips, and different types of lipstick on the mouth. The effect must be different, but many people don't understand where these lipsticks are different, and how to use them. Come and be nice with everyone today.

The first is lipstick: Lipstick is the most common lipstick. It can be said that every woman will have one or more lipsticks. It is solid. Most of the basic ingredients of lipstick are Vaseline. The texture is hard, colored lipstick and colored lipstick, red lipstick. It refers to lip balm, which can provide a deep moisturizing effect for our lips. Colored lipstick, which is lipstick, can have a lot of colors, has a strong color hiding power, can cover our lips, suitable for Any occasion, just choose the lipstick color that suits your skin tone.

Followed by lip glaze: lip glaze can be understood as lipstick and lip gloss. It is a combination of two kinds of lipsticks. It has both bright colors of lipstick and moisturizing and luster of lip gloss. It is very easy to color and has a strong moisturizing effect. . The texture is more viscous, and it can prevent our lip makeup from blooming, and can keep your lip makeup bright for a long time. When you are in Tucheng, apply layer by layer, don't pout.

The other is lip gloss: the color of most lip gloss is actually relatively light. Although it looks bright, it is very light on the lips. It has a crystal-clear character and is gel-like. It will be very smeared on the mouth. Bright, that is to say, after applying lip gloss, your lips will shine, it is suitable for daily light makeup or nude makeup, but it is easy to remove makeup, because the moisture is too strong. Lip gloss only needs to apply a layer on the lips, suitable for light makeup and nude makeup.

The last is lip gloss: lip gloss is actually a liquid, but its texture is very viscous, its moisturizing degree is the strongest of all lipsticks, most of the lip gloss has a flash factor inside, the texture is thicker, but it is also easy to remove makeup, Not suitable for formal occasions, suitable for women who want to age, can also be applied when dating.

The above four lipsticks, the most durable is the lipstick, but it is easy to dry the mouth. When choosing the color of the lipstick, it must be selected according to your skin color. Generally speaking, the girl with yellow skin should try to avoid pink lipstick and skin color. For the blacker sister, it is not recommended to choose a lipstick that is too big or too bright. If the skin is fair, you can pick it up. Barbie powder can also be challenged. Ok, let's share it here today. If you think this article is useful to you, please leave a message.