Buy eye shadow tips

Source:Publication time:2019-01-18

Always worry that the eyeshadow on your eyes will make you leave your eyelids like a clown in a puppet show or a meteor like a meteor?The following 3 tips can help you when you buy eye shadow:

Tip 1

When you go out,put on the bag that you think has been the most successful eye shadow ever.

Reason:Give yourself some"templates",this will give you a reference when you choose again,but the one you buy will not necessarily be exactly the same as what you brought,there is a difference.

Tip 2

There are many small color eye shadow boxes that are great choices.

Reason:This has become a trend in the design of eye shadows for cosmetics brands.In order to be like you,when you choose eye shadows,you can always try a lot.There is always one that is suitable for you,then the future tasks.It’s easy.

Tip 3

Never buy an eye shadow that is the same color as your eyes.

Reason:Only with contrast will your eyes look more beautiful.

A suitable eye shadow can add a feminine look to the entire makeup.On the contrary,an inappropriate eye shadow will destroy the entire makeup.So how do you buy eye shadow?Here are a few ways to buy eye shadows.

·For those who are always confused when choosing eye shadows,there are a lot of small color eye shadow boxes will be a great choice,you can have a lot of attempts.

•Check that the color of the eye shadow is“smeared out”and“looks”in the same color.Inferior eye shadows often seem to be full of color,but they are understated.This kind of eye shadow is not durable,and will leave an unsightly"powder mark"at the opening and closing of the double eyelids.

·Before choosing eye shadow color,first apply any of the brand's eye shadow colors to the back of the hand,try to use your existing eyeliner to draw up,it is best to easily color,not slip,otherwise the brand's Eye shadow you don't have to think about it.Buy eyeliner also try on your own eye shadow.

Constantly introducing new eye-shadow products and continuation of several seasons of smoky eye makeup,whether these phenomena make you feel deeply,drawing a beautiful eye makeup,not only has the finishing touch,but also the choice of different eye shadows every season,but also brings fashion and fashion.Charming charm!In fact,although in the overall makeup,eye makeup is the most eye-catching and most personal style,but it is also the most difficult to describe and pinch.

In general,the primary role of eye shadow is to give the three-dimensional effect of the eye,and to pass through the color of the sheet,so that the whole face is charming and attractive.So,regardless of color or texture,in the use,choose the eye shadow that suits you.It is an important step that cannot be ignored.

Color matching

Use the contrasting color scheme to add a three-dimensional effect to the eye.If you want to try more boldly,you can try a combination of three colors!In general,the combination of eye shadows should be bright,and the colors that can be matched with each other can make the eyes shine.

Light color base

Select a light-colored eye shadow that can be blended with your skin tone,color it at the folds of the eye,and brush it from the middle of the eyelid to the end of the eye,then from the direction of the eye socket to the end of the eye,and brush it back and forth.If it is too thick,You can gently push your fingers,which will be more natural.

Dark drawing

The darker eye shadow is the focus of the entire eye makeup.The dark eye shadow that can be matched with the light color is slightly rubbed on the back of the hand to make the makeup more even,then apply it to the end of the eye,and From the outer corner of the eye to the eye socket,it is evenly smudged.Do not reveal the obvious boundary between the dark and the light,so that the eyes can feel deep.